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How about discovering all the well hidden beaches, accessible only by sea?

How about swimming in crystal blue waters under the golden Greek sun, far away from mass tourism ?

How about modifying your schedule according to your needs and preferences, in cooperation with our expert skipper?

How about visiting traditional villages with whitewashed sugar houses and paved streets around Cyclades?

How about eating in seaside restaurants which offer a variety of fresh Greek and Mediterranean dishes?

Choose a catamaran for your sailing holidays as:
  1. It’s spacious, comfortable and fast.
  2. It provides the ultimate sailing luxury in the Greek islands.
  3. It allows you to approach the coast quite close and anchor in shallow depths, small coves and hidden beaches.
  4. The cabins offer privacy to the guests and the big deck space will prompt anyone to unwind and relax, like being in a beachfront veranda.
  5. It sits flat when sailing and does not lean into the wind. That’s why catamaran is perfect for families and groups who want to relax onboard.

You don’t need to have previous experience in sailing, your goodwill and positive vibes are enough for a week full of relaxation and memories. Throw your watches away and let our experienced local skipper show you all the hidden gems around Small Cyclades. Catamaran “Kallisti”, is ideal for couples, families with kids, honeymooners, group of friends or even single travelers.

Sailing route

Enjoy Small Cyclades by setting off from the port of Paros and visit South Naxos, Koufonisia, Heraklia, Schinoussa  and Amorgos. Alternatively you can develop another route with your skipper for a custom made trip according to the weather forecast. Our carefully selected sailing routes allow you to enjoy a 7 days trip. Occasionally we can  organize shorter routes (4-5 days) depending on your preferences.

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